NanoEFI is currently under development to bring low-cost EFI to powersports riders of all types.
Streamlined and simplified so you can spend your time riding, instead of fiddling with the technical bits.

NanoEFI Airtune™ on:
Mobile Dashboard

Tune and live stream data with any device, anywhere.
Mobile | Tablet | Laptop | Desktop

✅ Single Cylinder and Dual Cylinder Support
✅ Low power: PWM Fuel Pump Regulation
✅ Injection: 2 Injector Channels
✅ Ignition: Single Logic-level Ignition Channel
✅ Sensor support: TPS, MAP, Fuel Pressure, CLT, IAT, O2 (for wideband, external controller required)

What installation experience can I expect?

You don’t have to worry about assembling and soldering circuits, as the NanoEFI ECU will only be available fully assembled.

Is NanoEFI hardware, software, or tuner compatible with other boards?

No.  We’re not compatible with other systems. Although I often link, refer, and encourage people to check out other projects, NanoEFI isn’t based on (or compatible with) those projects.

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Be sure to use the NanoEFI Forum for updates and notifications.  When the time comes to release, you’ll be the first to know.

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June 2019 Update: Airtune™ · OTA Updates · Funding?

Here’s a quick recap if you’re new around here: If you missed it, check out lasts month’s post going over the NanoEFI ECU I/O Diagram. You can use the diagram and description<a class="moretag" href="">Read More...</a>
By : Nano | Jun 19, 2019

August 2018: Covering 15 months of progress at once · Join the NEW FORUM!

The forum is online!  Join and let’s talk! The project is at the point now where I feel a bit more free to talk about more specific details and start taking questions<a class="moretag" href="">Read More...</a>
By : Nano | Aug 5, 2018

Getting NanoEFI’s core values right. Let’s talk about the weather, and open source?

Motivation behind NanoEFI Before I’m a developer, I’m a rider and off road enthusiast first.  We see very little snowfall here in Virginia, so it’s always a treat to ride these days. <a class="moretag" href="">Read More...</a>
By : Nano | May 7, 2017