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Interested in getting early access to a NanoEFI kit? Sign up here! Some pre-BETA news may be sprinkled in.
 #190  by Matt Hagge
 Mon Nov 19, 2018 4:01 pm

I'm Matt, and I'm a Linux Systems Engineer by profession. I have limited real programming skills, but I script regularly in Python and Bash. I've been working on engines since I was 16, and have moved into motorcycles. I've rebuilt engines, and have done a ton of work on various vehicles, so nothing is really out of my level when it comes to my bikes. I'm also a member of one of our local maker-spaces.

I just did a full resto-mod on a 79 Trail 90 with an 125cc 84 ATC125M engine swap. I also have an extra Trail 90 frame and two spare 90cc engines I'm rebuilding. I ride my bike 7 days a week, in all weather conditions in all four seasons.

There's over 100 million Supercubs out there, and I think getting NanoEFI working on that platform would open up a huge install base.

I'm fully equipped with all the tools you could ever need and have no trouble taking on projects like this. I hope I can make it into the beta. If not, I'll be buying the production version the moment it launches!

Here's my build thread
 #191  by DiamondDave2190
 Wed Nov 21, 2018 1:53 pm
Hi, I'm Dave from rural Indiana and i am always trying to find a cheap easy way to make all creations better stronger faster. i came across your project as i was trying to come up with my own home brew setup using a bunch of old car parts, but using obd1 stuff was looking like a headache for what i was trying to use it on, any ways i have a ice bear mad dog chinese ruckus that i have basically re engineered completely, it was a 50cc but i scabbed the gy6 150 on it and have done everything i can possibly think of to gain power out of the engine using stock components, heavily ported head, shimmed valve springs, custom exhaust, custom intake, large mikuni carb, some would say to large, and there's been a couple other discoveries here and there i've made that avrg joe could do, i don't want to get to specific because i am trying to build the fastest "stock internal" chinese scooter around, locally its already THE fastest scoot on the streets, even faster than the big bore after marketed scoots around here because "those who have zero tuning ability" are a majority it seems. i will be getting some pics up of it and other projects soon, not getting my hopes up but fuel injection would be the icing on the cake. (y) :D
 #196  by Jpicard1983
 Wed Dec 05, 2018 9:21 pm
Currently own a Baja reaction 150 that I have completely rebuilt from ground up kart was sitting in a field for last few years till I dug it out and started the rebuild. I currently work for a telecommunications company and am very knowladgeable in low voltage networking systems. I think I could give you great test results on a real life level. Please consider me as one of your beta testers.
Thanks Joe
 #210  by kmarts
 Fri Dec 14, 2018 11:27 am
Kevin from Toronto, Ontario (Canada).

Communications system designer (Electronics Technologist by education).

Experience with embedded systems development, AVR uC's, rPi, C/C#, python, Bentley microstation, fusion 360. Have a 3d printer and have been prototyping for a couple years.

That's only work stuff, engines and making stuff goes fast is a personal hobby.

Have a Baja Dirtbug (minibike) that I've upgraded with a 208cc powerfist engine (GX160/200 clone). Actually beginning my own EFI system for my bike when i stumbled across your project here. Seems I'm working toward what you've already started... I'm beginning to gather components to model the throttle body.

Won't lie, would save me a crap ton of time to use what you're working on since you're ahead of me. Would be happy to help you out in return, I can likely do whatever you need aside from metal work as I'm not equipped for pro level prototyping (was going to make my TB in ABS with my 3d printer until i work out any bugs).

Attached are pics of a couple of the bikes I've done for friends. As well as one We turbo charged... The turbo charged bike is what is pushing my EFI project as it isn't optimal to used in a carbureted engine. But this setup would also likely mess with speed density calculations as the boost would throw off the MAP readings compared to an NA engine.

Anyways, hope you find me worthy of beta testing. LMK.
 #211  by pfloor
 Fri Dec 14, 2018 4:55 pm
My name is Paul, live in Utah and I have been a mechanic since 1978. Proficient in all mechanical repairs of Auto, Light and Medium Duty Trucks (gas and Diesel), Motorcycle and ATV/UTV. I Learned automotive computer systems starting in the 80's and continue to evolve my knowledge with them. I understand automotive fuel delivery systems very well and electrical and electronic diagnosis and repair are my specialty.

My biggest interest and possible contribution to this project will most likely be in the future. I would like to be involved in the larger (450 to 800 cc) engine projects. I currently own a Yamaha Rhino 660 and there are thousands (if not tens of thousands) of these in dire need of fuel injection. A bolt on kit for these and many other older ATV/UTV's would be a good seller and I would love to help develop, build and eventually sell it for you.

I have the equipment and machinery to build, fabricate and test on the Rhino 660 and several other similar make/models.

One thing to note from my research. It would be advantageous for an ATV/UTV system to utilize some sort of BARO sensor to determine altitude. When riding in the mountains, it is very common for riders to change 5000 feet in altitude in a short amount of time. Dynamic, on the fly adjustment for altitude would be a must for any EFI system used on an off road vehicle. Do you have any plans to utilize a BARO sensor?
 #233  by Bryan65
 Thu Dec 27, 2018 11:32 pm
I have been watching this project for awhile now, decided to register and get involved.

I have around 20 years experience building and repairing atvs and dirtbikes, currently focused on pure performance builds for MX, Short track/TT and to a lesser extent drag racing. Mostly work with Honda 2-strokes in the 250-600cc range, but also build mini quads in both 2 and 4-strokes from 50cc-200cc.

I have unlimited access to in house cnc mill, manual lathe and hopefully soon a dyno. I tune and build race engines on a daily basis and would love to work towards an affordable EFI system to include with every build that goes out of my shop.
 #244  by Jeroen
 Mon Jan 07, 2019 6:47 pm
Im Jeroen from the Netherlands and have been looking for a small lightweight low power ECU to put in my Honda B75K3 Outboard motor for quite some time now but the only thing that seems to come close to what i need is NanoEFI. So i want IN!!!

The motor is a 7,5bhp 149CC 2cil 4stroke motor with both pistons moving up simultaneously. So 360 degree separation. I recon it could run with one injector and one coil driver. Its wasted spark single carb now so even if the software has no option for 2 cilinder use(yet), it could run in 1 cil mode.
It has a 12v 50W charge Coil available to power any electrical loads. (and if needed a second one could be installed upping the power to 100w)

I have been tinkering on everything with an engine for about 20 years and am keen to put NanoEFI in my oldschool outboard to make it more reliable and fuel efficient. The Honda was the first 4stroke outboard engine, so i would be cool to bring EFI to it nearly 50 years later.
Also i really like a technical challenge and would like to help make NanoEFI the succes I think it could be!

my useful skills for this project:
-wiring is a big part of my job.
-configuring and finding bugs is the other part of my job.
-have done LPG efi conversions in cars including tuning
-i have a shed with al the required tools for a custom job like this.
 #289  by srmollard
 Fri Feb 08, 2019 5:46 pm
Hello, my name is Steven from Denver, CO. I am have a bs in Mechanical Engineering and I work as field service engineer. I do design engineering work for my own personal hobbies using 3d cad and other programs. I have been working on dirt bikes since before I can remember, and I have a small group of friends (all mechanical engineers) that all get together to work on projects like this because we enjoy it and sometimes it helps to have others to bounce ideas off of or hand you the proper wrench.

I am planning on converting a 1979 Honda xr500 that we were given to efi. While this may not be the most desired application to sell to in the future, I believe it would show people with older bikes that they don't need something new to install this on.
 #293  by WLR275
 Tue Feb 19, 2019 1:33 am
Greetings all.
Just wanted to throw my hat in the ring for testing
I have two four-wheelers that are begging for EFI systems. One is a Honda trx300fw, and the second is a Linhai 260. Both are 4x4 and would make great rest platforms.
The Honda bike would have the most consumer desirability as the TRX300 is a very popular quad with a large dedicated community following for this bike. A turn key system would sell like hotcakes.
I am very mechanically inclined and have access to lathes and mills for prototyping. I am also good with electronics. Best description would be; wrench bending nerd.
I am retired and have loads of time on my hands.

Hope to hear back,
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Hey! - My name is Travis. I'm an offroad riding enthusiast from rural southside Virginia, and the owner and sole developer of NanoEFI.

It's taken a while to get to this point, and it's been an incredible learning experience along the way. Thank you for your interest and support!

Welcome to the project. Sign up and let's talk affordable EFI!

The NanoEFI Project

Travis @ NanoEFI