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  • Interested in getting early access to a NanoEFI kit? Sign up here! Some pre-BETA news may be sprinkled in.
Interested in getting early access to a NanoEFI kit? Sign up here! Some pre-BETA news may be sprinkled in.
 #431  by alby1976
 Sun Jun 23, 2019 7:56 am
I have thought long and hard about this, and as I am not in reality to be in a position to be testing for 6 months or more, plus my bike is modded and now 425cc, so not really eligible. I will stand down from applying for a beta position.

What I will do is offer my services, I acknowledge that there are many here with more skills than I, but I may offer other skills that can help, and I think that more knowledge into the hivemind can only help to improve the product, which is in the best interest of Travis, and ultimately in the best interest of all of us here.

My relevant(ish) skill set:
qualified auto electrician, have been working on bikes and cars for years, currently working on heavy mining machinery underground.
(Australian TAFE (Technical and Further Education)) General Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Security Systems (Data and phone lines)
Just completed an RCT course in heavy remote automation maintenance.

I would be more than happy to be of assistance in this project, and have been watching it for a very long time.
So when people are in the BETA testing stage, if there are issues, fire off some questions and I will try and assist.

 #441  by Michaelrigney
 Sat Jul 27, 2019 3:01 am
Hey i Just signed up to patreon as a top contributer. But as far as my experience is concerned. I'm well experienced with engines and EFI systems, personally having built and tuned by myself a 650kw sr20 based drift car. Ive been a coder since I was ~4-5 yrs old and i studied a dual degree in computer systems engineering/ microelectronic enginereering. I've personally designed a 2d programmable ignition driver based off the Motorola hs12x series. I'm well experienced in board level diagnosics, working behind a scope for years reverse engineering to repair obsolete designs. Im currently employed in designing custom CNC machines with encoder signals being brought back to the trajectory planner in real-time.

I plan to use this to drive a ct110 "postie bike" with 15:1 compression, ceramic coated pistons/valves/head chamber and ethanol 90/10 water mix in an effort to make an insanely efficient commmuter.

I believe i have the jack of all trades purview, with technical acuity to not only demonstrate this as a product, but also be able to give quality assistance in the debug process.

I have been periodically checking in on the progress of the project and have been holding off on just going ahead with a chinese style megasquirt knock off in anticipation of this project coming to completion.

That **** that really ****ing wants to see you succeed.
 #446  by Kharder
 Wed Aug 14, 2019 7:27 pm
This is an awesome project, I would love to help with it if I can.

My background is in electrical & mechanical engineering and worked as a systems engineer for robotics and industrial automation. Now I run technical support for a software company (basically troubleshooting really complex healthcare software as a profession)

Very familiar with engines, control systems, system design, and integration of components. Also equipped for welding and fabrication, though not a ton of experience there.

I’m looking to put forced induction on a predator 212 with EFI, pretty much just for grins and to teach my kids about how engines work. Also planning to build a dyno to load and tune on the bench.

I was going to use one of the mainstream DIY EFI controllers for cars but it’s way overkill and not all that well suited for small single cylinder engines. That’s when I came across this project!

Looking forward to seeing this develop and how I can help make it successful.

Also seems like there is a huge opportunity to revolutionize the kart racing world with EFI tuning which the auto racing world long ago adopted. That would be very cool to see.
 #448  by mlegnari
 Fri Aug 16, 2019 9:34 am
Hello! my name is marcelo i'm an electronics technician, i developed a programmable cdi for my yamaha RD-135 motorcycle (similar to the RD 125 E RXZ 135) I have experience in C language programming, I work with AVR and ESP32, I develop plates on proteus and I have EMC / EMI basics. I also have experience in DC / DC inverters for cdi and various tools to test here (oscilloscope, strobe lamp etc ...)




Hey! - My name is Travis. I'm an offroad riding enthusiast from rural southside Virginia, and the owner and sole developer of NanoEFI.

It's taken a while to get to this point, and it's been an incredible learning experience along the way. Thank you for your interest and support!

Welcome to the project. Sign up and let's talk affordable EFI!

The NanoEFI Project

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