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Interested in getting early access to a NanoEFI kit? Sign up here! Some pre-BETA news may be sprinkled in.
 #54  by blacksheep10
 Tue Aug 07, 2018 7:29 pm
I'm Kelly, the bike in question for beta is my son's RZR 170, GY6 based B block stuff. Currently 180cc big port, big valve Taida head, my own intake and exhaust, a cheap Mikuni 30mm. I'm looking for the control that EFI gives. Hoping for a 28 or larger mm TB for the next round of mods, Taida 4v head, high compression piston, stroke etc for 232. Dyno currently in the works to get the most out of these things
 #57  by mohammed-joseph.al-khazir
 Wed Aug 08, 2018 5:14 am
I have a little gokart that I've been modifying for racing with some buddies and I really hope to be selected as one of the few lucky 50 beta testers, I've been following the Nano efi project for at least 1-2 years now, my go kart will most likely have the predator 200cc motor on it, hoping to tune it with the nano and my machinist capabilities! Good luck to everyone else too!
 #67  by frederic.louis
 Thu Aug 09, 2018 4:35 am
My name is Frederic, I'm an automitive engineere from Germany.
My Job ist Research on internal combustion engines, mainly Diesel engines but my Hobby are two stroke engines.

Right now I have a fully ported Cagiva Mito 125 to play with.

I have the possibility to run my engines in an emission test bench an go crazy with a lot different maschines like lathe, mill and so.
 #72  by brett.vansprewenburg
 Fri Aug 10, 2018 2:11 pm
Travis, followed you over here from FB and I am super interested in your EFI system.

My relevant experience for consideration of being one of your Beta Testers would be, this might be a bit long...

- I am a software engineer by trade and experience, over 20 years of technical geek
- I have worked for multi-national blue chips, and currently run several small businesses and consulting companies (so I know about the development, testing / QA and go-to-market processes)
- I know electronics, testing, and can do board level repairs. My least favorite soldering are tiny SMT resisters.
- I have a specific background in programmable EFI and fuel injection having been involved with installation and programming and developing and racing a VW Scirocco using VEMS or Versatile Engine Management System (which uses the Atmel 128). You can see my picture in Grassroots Motorsports from a few years ago winning the Most Spectacular Failure award at one of their 2K Challenges after having a tire come off during the Auto-X.
- I have 3 GY6 buggies right now, 2 single seaters and an ASW 7150. All are heavily modified pretty much everywhere and especially engines. My single seater Coolster (which I have welded back together many times) has its engine on the bench getting a bored, stroked, 4 valve treatment. I torn down GY6's so many times, it's pretty trivial. I help service other GY6 karts for friends.
- I work closely with others in this industry that you would know, and assist with running their online stores in some capacity and help them develop and test other products (transmission and ignition parts mostly). I used to be the sys admin of BN.
- I live in NOVA, and have taken my buggies to Spearhead Trails several times, so it would be possible for us to physically meet or try things out.
- I wrench on pretty much anything mechanical and would be voted most likely to wear a shirt saying : "I'm here because you broke something." while having a good time fixing it. :-)
Coal Canyon, Spearhead Trails
IMG_2857.jpg (29.03 KiB) Viewed 4695 times
Spearhead Trails, not afraid to get muddy
IMG_1834.jpg (24.28 KiB) Viewed 4695 times
IMG_1769.jpg (24.84 KiB) Viewed 4695 times
 #106  by bobzane
 Mon Aug 13, 2018 2:59 pm
Hi, I am Carter, I have been working around small engines for about 6 years. I have taken them apart and rebuilt them. I have redone a head gasket on a big v8 car, so I know what I am doing with engines. I have some knowledge in 3d modeling and I own a 3d printer. I don't know much about coding but it would be pretty easy for me to learn. I have a homemade go-kart from an old lawnmower on it. The engine is a 212 predator that is almost a clone of the Honda gx200. I know some basic electronics like what most parts are and also how to solder and wire components together. I would love to test it out to improve it, the world really needs a cheap EFI for small engines.
 #121  by TpcArc
 Tue Aug 14, 2018 9:26 pm
I've mainly been into sportbikes and boats for the past 10 years, but recently (~3 years) got into buggies. My daughter is now 7 and loves riding around, both on road and off-road. We have a Kinroad Runmaster II with a new built motor from BD. Upgraded clutch, upgraded variator, bored, and larger carb. We also have a 250cc buggy, but is only a one seater, so it gets a little less use (only when the wifey is willing to ride with the kiddo). I'm pretty mechanically inclined. Do all of my own maintenance. Tech guy by day, father and rider by night.

I'd love the chance to try one of these out. Give my feedback, tweaks and tricks. Thanks for the opportunity.

 #122  by TheKid
 Tue Aug 14, 2018 9:40 pm
22 years experience in small engine all the way to industrial and commercial diesel apllications, tons of buggies, mini bikes, dirtbikes, quads, street bikes, shifter karts, you name it. Some previous experience in self tunning efi kits on large engines, been itching to turbo a small engine but hate having to work around a carb with boost aplication and equalizing bowl pressure while overcoming fuel pressure proportionatly. Already have the turbo and all the tools to make it happen except the efi! Anyways cheers guys and glad to be here and see this work of art be perfected and offered to the public soon!
 #128  by _Iain_
 Thu Aug 23, 2018 7:30 pm

Interested in being involved with the beta.

Currently based in the UK, I work with a company tuning & dyno testing various cars and bikes. I've got acess to a dyno for datalogging and testing, and prior experience with OE and standalone management.

The test vehicle I had in mind is an LML Star 150cc 2t scooter, 4 speed manual. Basicly an indian made Vespa PX125. It's currently been converted to run a 26mm Dellorto PHBH carburettor so adapting it to accept the throttle body designs pictured ought to be fairly easy. I also use the scoot as a commuter to & from work, so test unit will also see a decent amount of all weather testing which will hopefully prove itself useful!

Let me know if I can be of assistance :D (y)

 #134  by misiozol
 Tue Sep 04, 2018 4:13 am
Would like to be in list , skills: engineering degree in mechanics and electronics 25 years of experience, made similar projects , have own garage/workshop with all tools and fully equipped , donor would be yamaha with big bore kit that was swapped with bigger bare bone engine , only downside is I'm in Europe .
 #138  by Scrapheap Col
 Mon Sep 10, 2018 1:42 pm
Good day, Hi everyone.
1st off Excellent work so far!

I have considered designing /building a universal EFI system for various projects then stumbled across this excelent developmental project.

I spent over 10 year's restoring- designing and building museum exhibits+interactives.
Designing, specifying, wiring and programing of scale robotic demonstration models, and test rigs including some for the UK National Graphine Institute!! (very fun job's)

Now a Calibration engineer in instrumentation measuring everything from flow/ volume/pressure/temp :D

My Project
I have a powerful 2 stroke Paramotor-

Very light 120cc chainsaw developing 12-14hp stock, Also used in some Go karts.

My main reasons for wanting to switch to EFI ?

1/Safety - no accidental engine starts,

Reliable tickover and acceleration if required,

Possibility to add sensor to shut down if anything comes close to the propeller spinning behind my head!

2/ Economic- Environment
I Hope the engine can be made more fuel efficient perhaps an Eco Map mode - while still retains the ability to provide instant WOT response if required.

Weight is a big issue on Paramotor so many run carbs without altitude compensation, Lean-Rich variations both limit the maximum altitude gain and give poor reliable/repeatable settings.

It would be amazing if we could also display Altitude - GPS - heading info on the same dashboards? Being able to monitor engine CHT / EGT / Carb Icing temp issues flagged via Alarms?

The EFI addresses all these issues and more - I'm a petrol head and have various projects 1992 GT Contact 327cc single 2T Gas gas - 770cc twin cylinder 2T Suzuki jet ski

I even have a 148cc push along lawnmower with a turbo fitted 😂

This is exactly the bit of kit to sort the lot!

I would be really interested in hearing more and getting hold of one for some serious experimenting :D
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Hey! - My name is Travis. I'm an offroad riding enthusiast from rural southside Virginia, and the owner and sole developer of NanoEFI.

It's taken a while to get to this point, and it's been an incredible learning experience along the way. Thank you for your interest and support!

Welcome to the project. Sign up and let's talk affordable EFI!

The NanoEFI Project

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