• Timing events tester: Bench top "Flywheel" w/ degree wheel and timing light

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Interested in getting early access to a NanoEFI kit? Sign up here! Some pre-BETA news may be sprinkled in.
 #178  by Travis Nano
 Sat Oct 13, 2018 5:13 pm
I need a new development tool to help confirm the accuracy of timing events under various conditions. A powered and controllable flywheel with built in degree wheel and timing light would really help out with this.

Here's what I've come up with. The setup is about 80% modeled, and I'm ready to hit the lathe to start making the main pieces.

- Machined and balanced 2" flywheel;
- Uses timing magnet and actual sensor from the NanoEFI core kit;
- Must be capable of driving the flywheel to at least 20,000rpm;
- Degree wheel and timing light;
- Belt driven and powered by a brushless motor;
- Must be inexpensive to build, to optimize the usage of Patron funds.

I'm writing a much more detailed post for the Patron-only Maker section, with more pictures and much more build info. Contributors look for that to drop very soon (y)





2204 brushless motor and speed controller

Flywheel CAM1.jpg
Flywheel CAM.jpg
Flywheel CAM5.jpg
Flywheel CAM2.jpg
 #194  by Travis Nano
 Tue Nov 27, 2018 1:30 pm
Driver pulley is finished! And I managed to grab some video of the machining process. More to come!

LuckyLucky wrote:Will be interested to see if you have any issues with balancing the flywheel. The DRZ conversion I've been working on seems to do okay in terms of balance due to the elastomer core, but hard to know for sure without a testing setup.
You're right.. I've run into a balance issue with the first pulley (although it was completely avoidable). After cutting it off the stock, I needed to make an adjustment to the thickness of the pulley afterwards so there would be enough space on the motor's shaft for the locking nut. Problem is, when I cut the pulley off I lost the true center. As a quick fix, I just put the pulley directly into the chuck. Here's a good shot of the result, you can see it's significantly off. This doesn't affect the entire piece which is all well centered, just the small amount I removed from the face. Or more specifically, just the outer lip where the tool is:


Even with it just being a small amount out of balance, there's a good amount of vibration when running on the brushless motor. To fix this I'll make a 4mm arbor with a small taper at the base to properly center the pulley. Then true it up. (y)




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