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Re: 24mm Throttle Body [Prototype]

PostPosted:Sat Aug 25, 2018 11:17 am
by Travis Nano
_Iain_ wrote:Out of interest, what are the external dimensions like on the unit?
5.25" x 2.25" x 1.50" (133mm x 57mm x 38mm)

The overall length is 5.25", however the length of the body section itself is 4" (100mm). The TB length is identical to a stock GY6-150 carb. Over time, I intend to miniaturize the PCB, and eliminate the dedicated IAT sensor by moving to a T-MAP unit. That will reduce the overall length by 1" (25mm). The effort to miniaturize the package is mostly pricing related.

Clearing cooling shrouds
The TB height is much shorter than any carburetor, at only 1.5".
_Iain_ wrote:(I) fear it may prove an issue when it comes to fitment, as well as the associated vibrations/heat coming from some of the small engines when at a higher state of tune than stock!
I don't anticipate heat from the engine being an issue any more than normal. Especially related to the ECU mounted on the throttle body. The temperatures required to cause problems with the ECU would outright melt the plastic cooling shrouds of your engine. If you think about it for a moment, on your own machine, the carburetor is easily cool enough to touch (and even hold on most machines) while the engine is running at operating temperature. It would be the same with this setup.

The heat that I'm most concerned about at this point is related to what is generated internally from the ECU itself - power supply, and pump/injector transistors. Those areas need further refinement as we move forward.

Vibration is a low concern at this point as well. You'll get more potentially damaging vibration with the ECU hard-mounted to the frame of many single cylinder machines, than mounted to the rubber-dampened intake via the Throttle Body.