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  • Discussion regarding features in the NanoEFI hardware and firmware

Discussion regarding features in the NanoEFI hardware and firmware

 #111  by Travis Nano
 Mon Aug 13, 2018 3:59 pm
The mobile tuner refers to the tuner unit being on-board, built into the ECU. You're able to connect to it anywhere with any mobile device like your cell phone, tablet, etc. That way, you don't have a to lug around an extra device in your pocket - or worse, backpack a laptop with a serial adapter. Bleh.


Laptops and desktops work just as well though, depending on where you're turning and what you're doing. The tuner and live dashboard are browser-based. For now, you'll open the tuner through Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Later, I'll write native wrapper apps for iOS and Android for ease of use and faster load times.

The thinking behind this approach is that you've already paid a bunch of money for a high-resolution, high definition handheld device that already stays in your pocket. Leveraging that for use with NanoEFI means less money and hassle with an extra proprietary LCD tuning unit, and less development time I have to spend for what I feel would not be as great an experience.

This is what the live dashboard currently looks like in full size, still early in development at the moment. It's just a mock-up right now with template gauges. From here I'll implement the data feed to the gauges, make the layout responsive and ready for your mobile. Later, the ability to add or remove gauges, reposition, etc.


Connect to your NanoEFI ECU securely just like any other password protected WiFi network, and you're in.

 #114  by FUKINFAST
 Tue Aug 14, 2018 9:54 am
What you're saying is true, however.....

You have a golden opportunity here...

No one has a LCD display Touchscreen that tunes and programs your EFI, and can also double as the following:

Digital Gauge Screen
GPS - Ride Logging
Music Player - with SD card slot
Bluetooth to handle telling GPS turn by turn in your helmet.
Possibly 3 way integration with Phone/Touch Screen/Helmet

Trailtech has a new gauge system that is full color, customizable gauge display, GPS speed, and has a ride sharing feature, where you can share ride information, locations, and more as a community. The one thing they dont have, is the ability to tune an EFI system with it.




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