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  • Discussion regarding features in the NanoEFI hardware and firmware

Discussion regarding features in the NanoEFI hardware and firmware

 #76  by Travis Nano
 Sat Aug 11, 2018 10:50 am
I'm open to talking about including O2 and autotune support sooner. However, I haven't spent any time learning the underlying technical design for O2 support. Maybe we can work on this one together.

Here's what I'm thinking...
  • Who can find some good links to references on reliable O2 circuitry and best practices? (Narrow and/or Wide)
  • How can we make it as inexpensive as possible without sacrificing reliability?
  • If dedicated IC's are needed for wideband support, which are good/best candidates?
  • Most O2 sensors are physically too big for small 50cc to 250cc engines. Can we find a small mass produced sensor?
Current situation:
I have an ADC pin exposed on the current board for optional use with an external wideband kit like the PLX SM-AFR series. But the PLX is nearly as expensive as the entire NanoEFI kit, so I don't intend this as real solution. There may be other (cheaper) ways to accomplish the same thing, but I haven't invested any time into this feature yet. We have several EE's here though (this is an impressive crowd). If you all are interested, I think it would be great to start hammering out a strategy for adding native O2 support. In the end, the top design priority for a new feature is making it affordable (while not compromising reliability).

Stepping back for a moment - The primary value of NanoEFI in my eyes is to eliminate the reliability difficulties with carburetors, and make tuning much easier over the re-jetting process. Even tuning manually, adjusting numbers/sliders on the mobile tuner is much easier than having to physically remove and disassemble the carburetor multiple times to dial your jetting in. For now, unless we can work out an affordable strategy for O2, NanoEFI won't be the best option for gas mileage tuning or users that need auto-tune. Perhaps we can change that before BETA with your help (y)
 #80  by alby1976
 Sun Aug 12, 2018 2:19 am
In reference to the physical size of an O2 sensor, my 2008 Yamaha WR250R has an O2 sensor (Aus model, I believe that the US model does not).
Not sure on the physical size, as it is tucked away behind the frame, I can see it, but getting a measurement would be extremely tricky.

I would really really like an option to add an O2 sensor, if the Nano ECU could have the option of O2 or No O2, that would be the best of both worlds.
 #123  by Wolfie Martin
 Wed Aug 15, 2018 7:05 am
I would totally be willing to weld an O2 sensor nut on my exhaust and do testing for this.
Although as you said even just a mobile tuning app with sliders is way better then a carb. If possible would love to see this kit work with an O2 sensor though
 #124  by Travis Nano
 Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:45 am
brettv wrote:
Tue Aug 14, 2018 5:08 pm
Here's one I found, by the same people that make the WB O2 unit I have.

$19 retail controller circuit - just add Bosch sensor.
Gives analog 0-1v for narrow, 0-5v wide band and a serial digital out

Looks like a game changer to me (y)

I'll dig into their documentation today, thanks!




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