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Discussion regarding features in the NanoEFI hardware and firmware

 #370  by wtfnate
 Tue May 14, 2019 1:37 am
Just wanted to drop a few ideas here. (Hopefully the correct place).

I definitely think if you are going to have 0-5v input for o2 it should be wideband.
Most people who are serious about tuning shouldn't want to mess with a narrowband, especially when logging is involved.

I also feel there there is another opportunity here with 0-5v, map interpolation. This would apply mainly to AIT based on your analog channels. (Since TPS/MAP would be for your "load" calc in the 3d tables, o2 for fuel/logging, and I assume fuel pressure for fuel/pump control as well).

Having a "low temp" fuel/timing map and a "high temp" fuel/timing map with interpolation between them based on the 0-5v input. (The 0-5v would need to be able to be scaled in the tuning software though). This would allow the tune to adapt to air temp changes, much as the MAP sensor should give it the ability to adjust for elevation changes.

This also creates a TON more options though. Dual maps based on a 0 or 5v input, flex fuel tuning based on 0-5v input, failsafe maps based on a 0 or 5v input, and so on.
 #427  by Travis Nano
 Wed Jun 19, 2019 2:48 pm
Hey Nate! Wideband (and narrowband) O2 input will be supported before launch. I've had a lot of requests for auto-tuning feature, and I think it's worth it to take the extra bit of time to include up front. Interpolation won't be supported right away, but is planned for a later software release that you'll be able to push to your ECU wirelessly with a one-touch install.

Memory space (EEPROM) may be a concern for dual maps. I'm going to look into ways we could pull off dual maps or other memory intensive features by leveraging the comparatively huge amount of EEPROM space of the co-processor. I'm thinking it might be a possibility for future software update down the road. (y)




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