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Welcome to the team! Come in and post any general questions you may have. Chat with other members, and let's get to know each other.
 #144  by Stevotivo12
 Thu Sep 13, 2018 7:35 am
Im Steve, or Stevotivo12. I am from Virginia Beach, VA and have been modifying scooters, dirtbikes, motorcycles, cars, and trucks since I was about 18. I have specifically been working on modifying Honda Ruckus and Metropolitan scooters for good looks and speed since the beginning. I enjoy it a lot, but really look forward to seeing the potential that a fuel injection system brings. I have a feeling that the reliability that fuel injection brings will make my current project bike, this 150cc swapped Honda Met-ruckus, a lot more fun to ride long term. I love it but changing jets on the carb because it got 30 degrees cooler at night is LAME. I am ready to hop on and ride all the time, and willing to put in the time/effort to get your hardware running reliably on the motor first. I can deal with the idea of spending a lot of time up front tuning to spend a LOT of time riding later instead of breaking down my carb twice a day
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I also have a ported/polished 180cc taida race engine currently sitting in my garage, I recently parted out the bike that it was mounted to. I am considering swapping it over to the Met-Ruck but only if I can get it running much better with EFI. Without adjustable ignition timing, it would vibrate a lot due to the large cylinder kit. If through adjustable timing and PWM I can manage to get this motor to run without trying to shake every nut and bolt off the bike then I would consider swapping it over at that point . This was the bike that race motor was on originally:
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And finally I will include a picture of my truck too. Its a '16 Tacoma thats lifted with Fox DSC/reservoir coilovers up front and long travel Fox bypass shocks in the rear, with upgraded brakes as well: Stoptech ST60/aerorotor fronts and 4runner OE rear disc brake conversion with powder coated red calipers all around. So far I've just got a tune, CAI, and exhaust on her but this winter a Twin Turbo setup is supposed to drop for the Tacoma community and I am gonna be one of the early ones on that kit.
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Hey! - My name is Travis. I'm an offroad riding enthusiast from rural southside Virginia, and the owner and sole developer of NanoEFI.

It's taken a while to get to this point, and it's been an incredible learning experience along the way. Thank you for your interest and support!

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