• Aussie planning EFi conversions to Honda GX200 buggy & 351 Cleveland V8 XD Falcon

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Welcome to the team! Come in and post any general questions you may have. Chat with other members, and let's get to know each other.
 #287  by Flys Eyes
 Fri Feb 08, 2019 12:45 pm
Hey guys just introducing myself....

I’ve been looking at different efi systems to run the 4 stroke 200cc single cylinder Honda GX200 engine in the buggy/go kart I got cheap, with the intention of using the GX200 as a testbed while I’m starting with a scratch built EFi controller/TunerStudio until I’m confident enough that the system is capable of converting and running the 351 Cleveland V8 to EFi in my Falcon XD Ute, with some tuning headroom for the stroked 393 with alloy heads, big cam etc

I have a reasonable amount of experience and extensive knowledge in modified engines, having built 2 XR6 turbos that were flash tuned and built a GC8 WRX which had a dowelled 2.5L with 2.0L heads, BIG cam & injectors, APEXi Power FC EFi w/hand control putting out 253kw at the wheels, so I’m going to use the Honda GX200 for the guinea pig while I’m familiarising myself with the Hacker style EFi and plan the components for the Cleveland Conversion...

I’ve been researching the Speeduino system so reading about the move away from Arduino was interesting... I’ve always felt the Speeduino system relied too heavily on side calculations to fill in steps for gaps in timed controls, and seems quite reliant in programming these calculations and reference tables to enable the Arduino system to boost its performance enough to cope, although it’s got some good features it still is compromised overall, I thought...

If anyone has any input for the single cylinder Honda engine conversion I’d be happy to talk to you guys so drop me a line if you’re able to share some knowledge...


Flys Eyes / Rick (y)




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