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"Kart-Sport" Extension…

PostPosted:Tue Feb 05, 2019 5:55 am
by Stefan Burger
Hi Travis !

thank you for your work for a such nice device become reality! :-)

i´am a "hobby-kart-racer" and a "µC-fan", few month ago, i tryed to combine these two "worlds"...
my attempt was to give the usual used "laptimer" more functionality and (i tryed to) develop my own "Kart-MCU".
for simplicity, i decided to use a "mobile-phone" as an "human-machine-interface" and a "esp8266/esp32" as mcu.
the first probing on a breadboard-version this combination works good.
here is a list of functions that the "kart-mcu" should can do:

engine: 125ccm 2-stroke engine, "kf3" (e-start, flywheel-clutch)
12v 9ah battery (e-start, water-pump, mcu-supply)

e-start (simple relais, dependent on rpm)
electrical-water-pump (dependent on cylinder-head-temp)

information display: (refresh-interval: 10 times per second, send only websocket-byte-array)

cylinder-head-temp (simple 100k thermal-resistor)
egt-temp (k-type sensor via max31855k)
rpm (hall-sensor on camshaft, read via internal pcnt)
km/h (hall-sensor on rear-axle, read via internal pcnt)
lap-time (hall-sensor, gpio-input interrupt, because the tracks have inductive stripes)

i have hostet the "web-server-content" on my test-server:
(there is actual no websocket-server installed, so there is no "communication" at all)

** Sorry Website is unavailable now **

why i post this here ?
because you use a "esp8266", too and perhaps some information are useful to make a "kart-version" of your nanoefi.

one question!

what type of cdi-module you use ?

greetings from germany,
stefan :-)

Re: "Kart-Sport" Extension…

PostPosted:Mon May 20, 2019 5:51 am
by Stefan Burger
Hello again !

...since my first post here, the "iKart-Unit" is ready for "field-testing" ! :-)

changes: switched to esp32, because the two internal pulse-counters and a better overall performance...

for first testing, i have only milled a "prototype-pcb", later i try a professional-pcb-manufacturer and swap this "in-house-heater" (lm7805) to a step-down converter...

...but, take a look:

ride on ! ;-)